bonacasa - the USP of bonainvest

The bonacasa brand represents the USP (unique selling proposition) of bonainvest. bonainvest builds consistently according to the bonacasa standard.

The concept includes the following key aspects of contemporary living:

Housing with services & a personal bonaConcierge
bonacasa offers dozens of services that make life easier. Personal bonaConcierges are regularly available on site as a point of contact. The Service-Portal networks the residents who are all of different generations, so as to promote a sense of well-being and quality of life through social interaction and common activities.
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Security around the clock
The bonacasa Emergency Call Centre is available in 4 languages, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Emergency calls can be made, even to relatives, at any time by means of a simple, elegant wristwatch with a built-in emergency unit or a mobile or landline phone. There is also the option of having a key escrow in the patented key safe, so that the emergency services have immediate access to the apartment in the event of an emergency and can provide assistance without delay.
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Buildings in a central location and without thresholds and obstacles
The apartments designed according to the bonacasa standard are mainly located near the heart of the community, in the vicinity of shops, public transport and places to eat out. The buildings are kept free of barriers and all apartments are accessible from the garage via the lift that goes straight to the living room and balcony without thresholds and steps.
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Digital network technology for more comfort and security
As a leading supplier of networked, modern living, bonacasa integrates the steadily developing possibilities of home technology such as i.e. opening front doors while sitting in the living room or pushing a light switch repeatedly releases an emergency call. Pressing one single button when leaving the house switches off all the lights and electrical devices – including cooktops.
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bonacasa - the film
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