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bonainvest Holding

Future included

bonainvest Holding AG is a real estate investment company which develops and builds residential properties. Its unique selling point is the concept of networked living with sustainable architecture, impressive construction features and individual home services provided by the subsidiary company bonacasa AG. bonainvest Holding has built more than 1,000 homes in Switzerland on the bonacasa concept; they all give their residents unique added value.


bonacasa AG, the leading subsidiary of bonainvest Holding for Smart Living, was awarded as one of the ten most innovative real estate companies in Switzerland. The "Top 10" award in Switzerland goes to bonacasa for the ongoing further development of its holistic approach to modern and safe living, as well as for its customer-oriented living services and networking in buildings. Interested parties can experience all this at the Smart Living Loft in Oensingen.

Highlights as at 31.12.2017

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  • Portfolio value
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  • Rental income
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Pioneering strategy

With a combination of properties fit for the future and customer-focussed Living Services, bonainvest Holding pursues a clearly defined and lucrative strategy that is constantly gaining ground against the background of prevailing megatrends. As a leading proponent of change on the property market taking account of new needs, bonainvest has achieved a unique position which puts it in a favourable light on an increasingly saturated market and brings added value for customers and investors alike.

Property portfolio

bonainvest Holding develops and builds all the properties itself. bonacasa gives the portfolio distinct advantages on the construction and services sides. bonainvest Holding properties are among the most sustainable in Switzerland: contemporary architecture, obstacle-free construction, intelligent floor plans and networked technologies, together with unique Living Services provided by bonacasa, are unique selling points against the background of increasingly challenging competition.


bonacasa is bonainvest Holding’s unique selling point. The subsidiary company provides a comprehensive range of Living Services to make living more comfortable and more secure. Tenants and home owners can decide for themselves which optional services they wish to use at fair prices. The offer is as diverse as the occupants of our homes.

Progress of business

2017 was another successful financial year for bonainvest Holding: the annual result 2017 gained 62,5% on the previous year. The net profit stood at CHF 6.76 million. In view of the good progress of business and strong financial base, the general meeting held on 17 May 2018 approved the proposal by the Board of Directors to increase the dividend distributed from paid-in capital from CHF 1.40 to CHF 1.70 per registered share.



Based on the latest plans, the bonainvest Holding portfolio will be worth more than CHF 500 million by the year 2023. The construction and development volume represents more than 470 homes. We also anticipate further sustained growth of bonacasa’s corporate client activity.