Contemporary real estate

Contemporary real estate

Properties in the bonainvest Holding portfolio feature contemporary architecture, obstacle-free and energy-optimised design as well as unique residential services. The bonacasa concept therefore gives them distinctive benefits in terms of construction and service provision.

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Portfolio trend in CHF million

Wert Jahr
2016 137.4
2017 176.9
2018 221.8
2019 243.4
2020 265.4
2021 352.4
2022 439.0
2023 517.0

The portfolio size will amount to more than CHF 500 million by 2023 according to the planning status. We have already acquired the land needed to realize this growth, and the projects are under development. Furthermore, bonainvest Holding searches for and buys Land, if the location meets our requirements.

Trend of rental income in CHF million

Wert Jahr
2016 5.2
2017 6.8
2018 7.8
2019 9.6
2020 10.0
2021 12.6
2022 16.4
2023 20.5

Rental income will grow in line with the completion of projects under construction. The imputed gross yield of the portfolio will be approx. 4.3% from 2023 when fully let.

Property sites


Type of use of projects under construction and in the portfolio

test test2
bonacasa-living 77.5
trade 11.1
indoor parking space 8.6
hotel / care 2.8

bonainvest Holding develops and builds projects with a clear focus on the residential sector (construction of homes). Commercial floor space and buildings for healthcare uses are likewise important. They are only built if an analysis of the local market potential is favourable or regulations stipulate that the development must include a commercial element.


bonainvest Holding invests responsibly and with a long-term focus in a real estate project only if it meets its strict criteria and fits the strategy perfectly. The real estate projects of bonainvest Holding are consistently realised according to bonacasa standards. The majority of the projects are rental apartments to build up the company's own real estate portfolio, whereby projects with condominium shares can also be realised. The portfolio share of new projects should amount to at least 60%.

In addition to building up the bonainvest Holding portfolio and selling off condominiums, the Group also implements projects for third parties in accordance with bonacasa standards.

In order to grow, bonainvest Holding is constantly looking for properties to develop mixed-generation properties according to the bonacasa concept.