A convincing combination

A convincing combination


bonainvest Holding AG is a private limited company with registered office in Solothurn. It is a property investment company which specializes in residential properties in Switzerland. The portfolio grows with real estate projects which bonainvest itself develops, builds and operates in compliance with its own bonacasa standards


With its Smart Living concept, bonainvest Holding offers networked living with sustainable architecture, smart domotics and living services for greater security and comfort. With the combination of pioneering real properties and customer-oriented services, bonainvest Holding pursues a clearly defined and lucrative strategy that is constantly gaining ground against a background of megatrends (individualism, connectivity, silver society, ecology). As a leading shaper of change on the Swiss property market, taking full account of new needs, bonainvest has achieved a unique position which gives it a high profile on an increasingly saturated market and brings added value for both clients and investors.

Group member companies

  • bonainvest Holding AG

      • Real estate investment based on the bonacasa concept
      • Portfolio owner
      • Land search, valuation and purchase
      • Organisation of architectural competitions
      • Development of real estate projects based on the bonacasa concept
      • Asset and portfolio management
      • Finance and controlling
      • Marketing and communication
      • Sale and initial rental
      • Central services for subsidiary companies
      • General contracting services for own property projects
      • Construction management and cost controlling
      • Founded to realize the Andlauerhof project (Basel)
      • No longer operating since successful sale of all units


Chief Executive Officer

Master of Business Administration HKG

Many years of experience in the construction and ancillary construction industry, including 20 years as Deputy Head of Finance and Accounting and Head of Treasuring at the headquarters of the Sanitas-Troesch Group. Formerly Chief Financial Officer at bonainvest, Chief Executive Officer since 1.7.2020. 

Head of properties and portfolio, deputy managing director

Swiss Federal business economist’s diploma HWV, Executive MBA, MAS REM.

Previously, management secretariat of a major bank. More than 20 years’ activity in various management positions in the construction and allied industries.

Head of Finance

Business economist lic.rer.pol.
Executive MBA in Controlling and Consulting

Many years of experience in the financial sector as head of finance and head of controlling in various sectors. Head of Finance at bonainvest AG since 01.12.2020.

Mission statement

bonainvest Holding and its subsidiary companies are dependable business partners for their stakeholders; they take full account of corporate interests and also of clients’ and shareholders’ needs. The holding and all its group member companies act sustainably, reliably and fairly with a focus on long-term relations and emphasis on quality-consciousness.

Personnel are valued as promoters of innovation, skills and success and their professional careers are encouraged. An open and respectful corporate culture is supported to motivate personnel in a long-term perspective. All stakeholders appreciate the value of innovations that are actively encouraged through ongoing product and corporate development.


Communication policy

bonainvest Holding AG is a private limited company not listed on the stock exchange. It therefore only has to comply with the statutory duties of information laid down in the Swiss Code of Obligations. bonainvest Holding engages in active internal and external communication and complies with Swiss GAAP FER accounting regulations; in other words, on the accountancy side, it operates in much the same way as a listed company.

Board of Directors

is chairman of the Board of Directors of bonainvest Holding AG. lic. iur. University of Bern, attorney-at-law and notary. Professional background and skills: business lawyer specialising in concepts and their implementation with a focus on senior citizens and the property sector (since 1983). Initiator and co-founder of Espace Real Estate AG, Chairman and member of the Board of Directors (2001 to 2010). Initiator and co-founder of bonainvest Holding AG. Chairman of the Board of Directors since 2008 and elected to serve until the 2024 General Assembly.
is Vice-Chairman of the Board of Directors. Dr oec. HSG/lic. rer. publ. University of St. Gallen (HSG). Entrepreneur and consultant in the areas of wellness, rehabilitation medicine, hospitality and senior citizens living. Active as a real property investor. Holds seats on various board of directors and boards of management. Branch experience: wellness, hospitality, healthcare, public bodies, local authorities, associations, retirement and social institutions. Vice-chairman of the Board of Directors since 2009 and elected to serve until the 2024 General Assembly.
Dr. iur. leadership experience in various areas (human resources, management services, finance, real estate, projects) and industries (health insurance, vitamins, retail trade). From 2004 to September 2015, he was Chairman of the Board of Management of the CPV/CAP Pension Fund Coop. Board of Trustees Rheinleben Foundation, Basel. Member of the Board of Directors since 2012 and elected to serve until the 2024 General Assembly.
Dr iur., attorney-at-law. Main specialisations: administrative, construction and planning law, economic law. Board member/board chairman of various small and medium-sized businesses. Consultant to the public authorities and to retirement and social institutions. Member of the Board of Directors since 2009 and elected to serve until the 2024 General Assembly.
Technician TS Aarau, self-employed since 1998, proprietor of STI properties and construction services, Kilchberg/ZH. Main activity: sale of difficult and complex properties. Sale of businesses, real estate companies and building enterprises. Former ZH cantonal councillor, former cantonal council chairman, member of urban planning commissions. Founder of tiv-partner-network 2000. Member of the Board of Directors since 2009 and elected to serve until the 2024 General Assembly.


Here you may download the statutes of bonainvest Holding AG dated 14 May 2020 (in German).