läbesgarte UNO

läbesgarte UNO


läbesgarte UNO

From the concept of the nursing home to the residential buildings, bonainvest, together with bonacasa, has accompanied one of the most successful retirement centers under construction in Switzerland. The läbesgarte is groundbreaking because different age groups and requirements are united in one place. It sees itself as a service center that includes the areas of Spitex, care/dementia, restaurant/catering and an old people's settlement for independent living. The residential offerings range from cozy single rooms in the retirement and nursing home to the bright and modern bonacasa apartments of an upscale standard in three houses with a focus on a long life in one's own four walls. The superstructure for the läbesgarte cooperative was realized in accordance with the bonacasa construction standards.
Architects: Schilt & Partner AG


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Key data

Adresse Schachenstrasse 5
4562 Biberist / Solothurn
Purpose Apartment property and portfolio
Completion 2005
Number of units 29 Rooms and apartments
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