Schüsspark DUE und TRE

Schüsspark DUE und TRE


Schüsspark DUE und TRE

The second phase of the Schüsspark in Biel is called DUE; like UNO, it permits urban living in a parklike environment. However, DUE represents a further development stage. An Internet ordering platform has been incorporated for the first time alongside the bonacasa concept. Schüss DUE provides 108 attractive apartments for rent. The residential mix consists of 2.5 to 5.5 room apartments and elegant penthouse residences. A number of service providers have taken space on the ground floor.

The Biel-Bienne Schüsspark municipal old people’s and nursing home was opened on 1 April 2008. This enables occupants of the Schüsspark to use services provided by the Biel municipal APH. That part of the structure corresponds to Schüsspark TRE.

The estate was designed in cooperation with the Kistler Vogt Architekten AG architects’ practice of Biel. In addition, the apartments comply with bonacasa construction standards.


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Key data

Adresse Alexander-Schöni-Strasse 46/48
2503 Biel / Bern
Purpose Portfolio
Completion 2007
Number of buildings 1
Number of units 108 Portfolio